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When it comes to finding a solution to suit your eCommerce needs, there are too many options out there and making the wrong choice can cost you a lot and limit the potentials of your business. Our eCommerce experts will come up with the best solutions that fit with your business needs.

Stand out from the crowd with a solid strategy to communicate with customers on multiple devices. Optimise your website for mobile and expand your audience with a responsive website.

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Getting ready for a product's launch is a busy yet exciting time, with lots of work to be done. When you are going after your first few customers you only get one chance to make a great first impression. It's these initial users, and the people that they recommend your product to, that have a BIG impact on the success of your business, the reviews you receive and many of the early sales you make. It's important to get everything just right! We have the experts you need to help you get ready, whether you want to plan it, design it, build it, launch it, improve it, scale it, promote it. Whatever it is, we will get it done.

How we calculate the cost of a project?

It sounds obvious, but the best businesses are the ones that can make their products better, cheaper, and faster than anyone else. Our project proposals are completely flexible and surprisingly affordable. We provide a list of related services, including the cost of each task of your project. You can remove or add tasks based on your budget and requirements.

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In the modern business world, going it alone is not an option. You might be an expert in several fields, but to build a successful business and getting everything right takes a huge amount of work - far more than one person can do alone. Every business has room for innovation, and sometimes that innovation requires specialist talent. After working on a variety of projects with many professionals in the past years at Price Zone, we have chosen the best experts to built our dedicated team that can handle projects in any level of difficulty. Whether you're just improving your website, or rebuilding your entire product from the ground up, we can help. Just tell us what you need and let us do the rest.

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Responsive Web Design

eCommerce Solutions

Launching an app is a great way to allow customers to engage with your product while on-the-go. Stay connected to your customers with an Android, iOS or Web app.

You may have a great website and business idea. But what's the point if you're getting no visitors? Get started today with Newsletter Design, Social Media Page Design, Web Banners, SEM and SEO for your website.

Digital Marketing

App Development

Video is fast becoming a major online ad format - outperforming standard image or text ads. Grow your audience by creating an explainer video for your website, an video ad on YouTube or Facebook, or even an Aerial Video with Drone.

We will get your project from start to finish. Graphic & Logo Design, Content Writing, Translation, Photography, Virtual Tours, System Integration, Design & UX‍‍ and more. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

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Video Marketing

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